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Latest news about Goodreads and Readmill:

14.02.17. GoodReads is rolling out the ReRead system. Many GoodReads users set a book goal for the calendar year. Sometimes you simply want to reread the Harry Potter saga or one of the Divergent books, but in the past they would not count towards your goal. This has all changed with a new BETA ReRead feature that will be rolled out globally in the coming months. Next time you decide to reread a book that you’ve already marked as Read on Goodreads, simply mark it as Currently Reading. When you are done, just mark it as Read. You can do this from the Goodreads iOS and Android apps and on, as well as in the About the Book feature on Kindle.

21.04.15. Goodreads adds Audible integration to let you listen free audiobook samples. Amazon's Goodreads now lets users listen to free audio samples of 180,000 titles on its platform through a new “Listen” button drawing from Audible’s digital audiobook catalog. Those samples will be available to all Goodreads users whether or not they are Audible customers, but the new feature comes with an offer of a 30-day free trial of Audible, which, like Goodreads, is owned by Amazon. The streaming feature will be available to users on the Goodreads website, with plans to extend it to the mobile site and apps shortly, according to an announcement today. The move is push to help ebook readers discover audiobook content and comes at a time when publishers and retailers are experimenting with ways to encourage crossover usage of the two formats.

11.12.14. Addr - new ePub reader for iPad for those who miss Readmill. Addr is a brand new iPad app to read your ePub ebooks. It's very similar to Readmill that was recently acquired and discontinued by Dropbox. It’s all about importing your DRM-free ebooks and adding a social layer to take annotations and share them with your friends. But the app goes a bit further than the traditional highlighting system. When you are reading a book, you just drag your finger in the margin to select a block of text and add your notes in the margin. It makes sense when you go back to your previous annotations. You will see them right next to your text in the margin. You won’t have to tap on a button or a sentence to open an impractical and ugly popover. And of course, you can share these annotations with your friends even if they are not using Addr.

27.09.14. Goodreads mobile app gets a makeover . Amazon's Goodreads rolled out a significant redesign on iOS (coming soon to Android) – something regular Goodreads users have wanted for some time. Now, instead of having you land on an outdated, grid-like homescreen when the app is first launched, it immediately displays a “news feed” filled with your friends’ recent updates on the network, including books they’ve read, rated, reviewed and more. Here, you can like and comment on the posts from friends with ease, delivering on Goodreads’ promise to function as more of a social network for book readers, and not just a utility where you independently catalog your own progress.

18.04.14. Goodreads allows to import books, purchased on Amazon. Goodreads users can now automatically import the print and ebooks they’ve purchased on Amazon into their Goodreads accounts. One incentive for linking the accounts, Goodreads says, is that “more books added to your Goodreads shelves means better recommendations to help you find more great books to read. The super-smart algorithm powering our recommendations engine analyzes the books you rate to come up with the best book suggestions for your unique reading tastes.” The linking is also another way for Amazon to see which of its customers are Goodreads users, though Goodreads notes that “We give you full control over which books to add so you can avoid adding any books bought as gifts. Any book not rated or added to a shelf will not be added to Goodreads.”

29.03.14. Dropbox acquires reading app Readmill. File cloud storage service Dropbox has acquired the ebook reading app for iPhone and Android - Readmill. The app will be shut down soon. Readmill has become popular for the clean, streamlined ebook reading service it provided; its support for Adobe DRM meant readers could buy ebooks from platforms like Kobo and Nook and then read them on Readmill’s apps. In recent months, Readmill had added a book discovery feature and partnered with the Guardian, the Atavist, startup Livrada and nearly 100 other independent publishers and digital bookstores to let them sell ebooks directly through their websites. Readmill’s technology also allowed users to share and leave notes for each other within ebooks and it sounds as if that’s the reason for the acquisition.

12.03.14. Amazon adds Goodreads integration to Kindle Paperwhite 1. Amazon is pushing out the software update for first-gen Kindle Paperwhite that bring Goodreads integration and other new functions to the e-reader. The currently available Paperwhite, a second-generation model, already has Goodreads support, gaining it last November. The update also includes Kindle FreeTime, which curates books for children and lets parents block time for them to read, Cloud Collections for organization and Page Flip for scanning content without losing your place. The Bookmarks, Highlights and Notes feature can now be accessed more quickly. The update will roll out over the next few weeks to devices in the United States, Canada, and Australia.

10.03.14. Goodreads competitor Slice Bookshelf shuts down. Slice Bookshelf, a social community for readers taking on Amazon-owned Goodreads by offering a more modern experience, and one that was less dependent on manual input from users, is shutting down. The company says that, going forward, it’s focusing on improvements to its core product, mobile shopping companion, Slice, instead. With Bookshelf, Slice had experimented with using its proprietary inbox-scanning technology in a new vertical: instead of tracking your purchases in general, it specifically located your book and e-book receipts. Combined with data from Facebook, the service could automatically build your library, without the tedious data input competitor Goodreads still requires.

2013. Amazon integrates Goodreads into Kindle Fire OS. Earlier this year Amazon begun to integrate the popular book recommendation site Goodreads (that it acquired in March this year) into its tablets. But in the latest Fire OS release, Goodreads has been integrated directly into the reading experience, so you can participate in Goodreads community without having to exit the book and launch an app. Readers can now capture and share their favorite quotes to Goodreads from inside the book, see what others are reading, and rate and review books upon completion. You’re also able to import all the books you’ve purchased on Amazon, including print and Kindle titles, into Goodreads, which is helpful for those who haven’t been keeping up with their Goodreads account over the years.

2013. Kobo stops showing Goodreads ratings and reviews. As you remember, Amazon acquired book-review social network Goodreads in March, so it's logical, that Kobo has stopped using the Goodreads API on its website and in its apps. That means no more Goodreads ratings and reviews on Kobo book pages. It sounds as if the decision was driven by Kobo, not Goodreads or Amazon: The company’s chief content officer Michael Tamblyn tells Good E-reader that Kobo might re-add the Goodreads API in the future. But the move demonstrates the risk of relying on what is now a competing retailer’s API. At one point, Goodreads actually encountered a similar problem itself: In early 2012, it stopped sourcing its book data from Amazon’s API, switching over to book wholesaler Ingram’s data instead. Even now, Goodreads says, it’s using metadata from a mixture of sources — Ingram, WorldCat and ONIX feeds.

2013. Amazon to acquire Goodreads. Amazon has announced today that it will acquire Goodreads. Goodreads is the leading book discovery site with 16 million users and over 23 million book reviews. It allows users to join book-discussion groups and share recommendations, reviews, books they've read and enjoyed or hated and their "want to read" lists. Goodreads also has its own recommendation engine. Right now, the Goodreads site makes it relatively easy for users to download or purchase books from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other sites. It's sort of hard to imagine that Amazon will continue to allow links to non-Amazon stores going forward.