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Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Apple iBooks
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24.01.18 Google brings audiobooks to its Play store

Google Play store now features audiobooks. The new audiobooks feature is launching in 45 countries and nine languages. Like on similar platforms, you can hear a preview of the audiobook on the Play Store and audiobooks are automatically part of your family library, so you can easily share your audiobook copy of “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck” with everybody in your household. One nifty feature here is the integration with the Google Assistant on your phone and on Google Home. Using this integration, you can simply ask the assistant to read you your book and it’ll do that. You can also ask some basic questions about the book (“Who is the author?”). Google’s pricing looks to be competitive with similar offerings from Amazon.

2017 Google Play Books improves reading experience

Google Play Books app for Android has undergone a major revision and it now simplifies the reading experience. The Library page went through some significant changes, four of the five tabs have been removed and there are just two: Shelves and Books. The new Shelves system provides bright and bubbly covert art that shows you books that you have not begun to read yet and underneath that are books you are in the process of reading. The third row is devoted to books you’ve finished. Everything provided by the removed tabs can now be found in the Books tab. All of the previous tabs were basically filters on the books on your account. The new Books tab contains a full list of your books, but you can hit the filter button at the top right of the page to now the list to your uploads, purchases, or those in the family library.

2016 Google Play now allows to gift e-books

Google Play Books has issued a small update to their Android app that allows users to gift e-books. You simply need to navigate to one of the books on your homepage or within the Play Books Store and click on the three dots. There is an option to gift the e-book to someone with an existing account and they will get instantly notified that you have sent it and gives them detailed instructions on how to read the book within the app.

2015 Google Play Books makes it easier to read at night

If you’re a night reader on your mobile device, then you know that it’s hard to get tired with the bright screen burning your eyeballs. This of course isn’t a problem with physical books, as you can add a soft light to the room to wind down. Google Play Books wants to emulate that softer experience with a feature it calls “Night Light.” As the evening goes on, it gradually filters out the blue light from your screen, replacing it with a warm, amber light as the sun sets, to make flipping through pages more comfortable. Night Light automatically adapts to the amount of natural sunlight outside based on the time of day, giving you just the right temperature and brightness. The color adjustment is more comfortable on your eyes and greatly improves low-light night reading.

2015 Google improved Comic Book reading in Play Books for Android

Google launched an upgrade to its Google Play Books app for Android that will make it easier to read comics on your phone and tablet. Reading comics (or graphic novels, if that’s more your thing) on small screens has never been ideal. The new reading experience on Android (with iOS support coming soon) will pop up when you are in landscape mode. In this mode, you can now easily scroll through a story with just vertical swipe. Google also introduced personalized comic recommendations to make it easier to find similar series, as well as a set of curated series pages for comics in the Play Store.

2014 Google Play Books’ new reading mode lets you browse huge ebooks faster

Google has just updated its Google Play Books eReader application with a focus on efficient reading. The new Skim mode allows you to zoom between pages in an endless stream rather than forcing you to flip through page by page. Quick Bookmarks lets you set multiple saved spots in the book and quickly jump back and forth between them — perfect for when you’re required to refer to some reference table 200 pages away from what you’re trying to read. You can now view all of your notes and highlights on one page and quickly jump to the correlating passages. The study benefits there are pretty obvious.

2013 Google Play to sell and rent digital textbooks

In August Google will start selling and renting digital textbooks through the Google Play Books store. Google said it’s working with the five largest textbook publishers and that students would be able to purchase digital textbooks or rent them for up to six months. It also said that prices would be “up to 80 percent” off print list prices, which is the same claim that Amazon makes on Kindle textbook rentals. Google is already selling a few digital textbooks through the Play store, but they’re not from the big publishers and they are not available for rental. Getting into the textbook market helps Google compete against Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Apple, all of whom have already entered the digital textbook space.

2013 Google Play Books is Now Available in 9 More Countries in Europe

The world’s second most slowly expanding ebook store Google Play Books made some progress this week with the launch of new local ebookstores in 9 more countries: Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland, Romania and Sweden. Back in late June Google Play Books expanded to Portugal, Austria, Ireland, and Belgium. Google's eboo kstore is now available in 26 countries from the US to Russia to Australia. It primarily sells Epub and is actively encouraging Epub3 and discouraging any other ebook format.

2013 Google Play Books now allows users to upload own ebooks

The recent update to Google Play Books Android and iOS apps allow users to upload up to 1,000 PDF and EPUB files to their Google Play accounts. Files can be uploaded from users' computers or imported from Google Drive, as long as the files are less than 50MB in size. Once uploaded to the library, the files will be readable on the Web, as well as Android and iOS phones and tablets, the Web giant announced Wednesday. The files' page positions, bookmarks, and notes will then be syncable among each desired device, allowing users to continue reading where they left off when they switch devices. The feature should give Google a leg up on Apple iBooks, which currently doesn't support user-uploaded content.

2013 Barnes & Noble integrates Google Play into Nook tablets

Barnes & Noble is adding Google Play marketplace (including apps, music, videos and ebooks) and Google services (Google+, GMail, Youtube, Maps) to its Nook HD and HD+ tablets. As you know, Nook-tablets are Android-based, but this move seems a bit odd for a company that has a strategic partnership with Microsoft. However, Jim Hilt, Barnes & Noble’s VP of ebooks, said that the aim is to provide broader media ecosystem to Nook tablet users and B&N isn’t worried about Google books: “We’re incredibly confident that when people pick up a Nook device, they’re going to use the Nook shopping experience” he said.

2012 Google Play Books app adds the power of Internet to reading

Google today has updated the Android app Google Play Books that allows to buy and read ebooks on your smartphone. The new additions will help you better explore your books and understand what you’re reading, using the power of the Internet. Now you can select a word and see it's translation to other languages or definition from the dictionaries. If this word - is a geographical location - you can see it on the map (Google Maps card). Besides you can highlight words and phrases and take side-note. Notes you make will sync between your phone, tablet and web, thanks to Google Play Books‘ cloud-based content.

2011 iriver Story HD - the first e-reader that allows to read Google eBooks

Google doesn't produce own e-reading device for it's Google eBooks, but from now there is a least one third-party e-reader that allows to read Google eBooks - iriver Story HD. It was specially optimized for this purpose by two companies. With the Story HD you can now browse, buy and read Google eBooks with your e-reader through Wi-Fi, rather than downloading and transferring them from computer to e-reader with a cord. The iriver Story HD, which costs from $139.99, is slim and lightweight with a high-resolution E-Ink screen and a QWERTY keyboard for easy searching. It includes over-the-air access to hundreds of thousands of Google eBooks for sale and more than 3 million for free.

Google Play Books reviews
Mark | 09.10.12 | #
This is now an awesome ebook reading app since they added dictionary and note support. Only gripe now is the lack of ability to search Google by highlighting sections of text. Otherwise, great job.
Matt | 29.10.12 | #
I've never bought into the Amazon Kindle hype. This app works just as well for basic reading. Adding highlighting and notes takes the reading experience well beyond Amazon's.
Michael Ritter | 01.11.12 | #
Excellent service with syncing between all your devices. Also allows for multiple highlighting and annotations. Excellent!
Missing one star because
1) I would really like to see annotation capabilities for scanned pages.
2) Takes a very long time when you click on a hyperlink to go to that hyperlink and back to the text
3) needs an in-app way to dim the light
Jason | 06.09.15 | #
It's terrible, and like Kindle, traps your books into a single reading app. I'm trying to use playbooks to read a text book and find it jumps all over the place, doesnt search properly and cant page jump to within a 100 pages of the requested page! Horrific. How do I move my file to another reader? Any other reader?
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