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Alfa Ebooks Manager
The most powerful and easy-to-use book organizer. It is an ideal tool for book-lovers, collectors, students, academicians, schools and business libraries. Alfa Ebooks Manager allows to organize your electronic and/or print books in a single e-Library. You can quickly scan your computer for book files, parse metadata, add covers, tags and custom fields, update book data from the Web and even view books in 3D.

Alfa Ebooks Manager alternatives are: Calibre

2014 Alfa Ebooks Manager 5 adds Web Server, Audio Palyer, LoC integration. Get 50% discount now!

Alfa.NetSoft has released the new version of the popular ebook organizer Alfa Ebooks Manager 5. The main new feature is OPDS Web Server that allows to browse, search, view and download your books via LAN or Wi-Fi from any computer or mobile device. You can use a browser or one of ereading apps that support OPDS standard. Besides, the program now supports linking multiple files per book, editing metadata for PDF, EPUB, FB2, MOBI, AZW ebooks. Audiobook lovers will be pleased to see inbuilt audioplayer and 3D audiobook models. Largest US book library Library of Congress now can be used to update book data. The book card in Alfa now contains 3 fields dedicated to LoC. Alfa's interface was already translated to 17 languages (Create covers from any ebook page (PDF, DJVU), Retrieve ToC from file, New version autocheck, New interface languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Czech, Turkish, Greek, Polish, Romanian, Hungarian, Indonesian, Arabic and Farsi). BTW they provide 50% discount #rightnow.

2013 Alfa Ebooks Manager 4: New design, Book details pane and other features

Alfa.NetSoft released the new version of its book organizer software Alfa Ebooks Manager 4. The list of new features includers new sleeker design, book details pane (that allows to view book details while browsing your library), new cooler 3D View with author photos,  File Finder (that allows to move library to another drive or computer), Kindle Integration (now you can manage your Kindle's library in Alfa), Import from Calibre OPF files, fast PDF parser (that allows to retrieve PDF metadata) and  DJVU full support (now you can retrieve metadata and covers from Djvu books).

2012 Alfa eBooks Manager is now compatible with Windows 8

In October Microsoft will launch the new version of its operating system Windows 8. Alfaebooks developers decided to play a proactive and rebuilt their software Alfa Ebooks Manager (current version 3) to make it compatible with Windows 8. They also claim the new version works much faster on Windows 8 than on the older Windows versions.

2012 Alfa Ebooks Manager 3: Audiobook management, Filter Builder and other 40 improvements

After the year of silence Alfa.NetSoft released the new version of Alfa Ebooks Manager 3. The developers say that they added more than 40 improvements. The main new features include Filter Builder (allows to filter book library by any condition), full drag-n-drop support, autoscaling Thumb View, audiobooks (MP3) support, hot Keys, import from CSV, new cool Export to HTML, new Interface Languages (now Alfa is available on 10 languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Czech, Turkish and Farsi), enhanced 3D View, new tool to create ISO images, parallel Scanning, web plug-ins autoupdate, calendar in Library Explorer, context Help, multiple book selection in lookups and more.

2011 Alfa Ebooks Manager 2.5 improves library management, adds Google Books integration

Alfa Ebooks Manager hits the new version 2.5. The most important new feature is completely rebuilt Library Explorer - the control panel for managing e-Library. Now it works like the MS Outlook sidebar: you can show or hide buttons, transform buttons into icons or vice versa. In the Authors pane you can now display authors without grouping - it looks very cool. Besides, right in the Library Explorer you can view the number of books (in each genre, series, etc), edit and delete items. The bonus is that the new Library Explorer works much faster. The second important update is import from Google Library. You can select any book list in your Google Library and import all book data and covers to your AEM database.

Other new features include multiple book selection, File Manager now allows to automatically create folders and move/copy ebooks to them basing on any parameter. For example, you can create a folder for each author or genre and put the appropriate books to them, MD5-check for detecting duplicates (in the Scan and inside the database), optimized (faster) Wall View, Web Search

2011 Alfa Ebooks Manager 2.4 adds MOBI support

Alfaebooks developers continue to improve their book management program Alfa Ebooks Manager. Today they have launched the new version Alfa Ebooks Manager 2.4. The updated version adds MOBI books support (now you can parse all metadata from MOBI books) and provides the following new features: Dark Theme,  ability to delete book files in the program interface, new Metallic bookshelf view, enhanced List Views with Author links, new option to turn off instant search (because in large libraries instant search could be rather slow), optimized Scan, Parser and Web Update tools (faster, more stable), multilingual interface (English, Deutsch, French, Russian, Portuguese, Dutch, Czech), new e-Library Statistics Viewer,  new query "Books with " (it allows to detect books that have linked files, but these files where deleted or renamed or moved).

2011 Alfa Ebooks Manager launches the Free ebook manager

Alfa Ebooks Manager 2.0 on the fully rebuild platform have been released today. The new features include multiple genres per book, tags (that can be assigned to books), custom fields in the book card (up to 5 text custom fields), universal search, new Edit Books tool (that allows to edit almost any parameter in multiple books at once, including authors, tags, custom fields...), File Parser (allows to retrieve ISBN, parse metadata and create cover thumbnails for the ebooks that are already in the database). Besides, Alfa developers introduced the new pricing model. From now they provide Free version of Alfa Ebooks Manager. They say, the free version will be a good solution for book lovers, that want to create a beautiful e-Library of books that they have read or want to read.

2010 Alfa Ebooks Manager 1.9 - the most stylish eBook library manager

Alfa.NetSoft announced the release of the new ebook software version Alfa Ebooks Manager 1.9. It's not so revolutionary as the previous one but includes a lot of small improvements, requested by our customers. Besides, with this update we start adding new design themes, so that the software could better fit your style. The first is DARK THEME. The list of new features also includes multiple books selection using Shift (like in GMail), automated book site plug-in update, duplicates control (the new item in the sidebar tree), improved List View, improved Thumbnail View, improved Book card design, Web Update Options, book double-click options (now you can select to open Book Properties, Book File, 3D Book), improved File Manager (now it prevents duplicates and file overwriting), export books to CSV.

2010 Alfa Ebooks Manager 1.8 adds LRF, FB2, EPUB support, new beautiful e-library views

The developers of Alfa Ebooks Manager call their new software version "The new generation of ebook management software". They have implemented a lot of new features and dramatically improved the software performance. Here are the main new features: the new Table View with multiple sort and filter options (ideal for searching and organizing books),  the new scalable List and Thumbnail views (that are perfect for e-library browsing and demonstrating), improved 3D and Wall views), customizable thumbnail size, new Scan tool, that works faster and can parse ebook metadata,  File Manager that allows to copy, move and rename ebook files, the new Retrieve ISBN tool that supports PDF, EPUB, LRF, FB2, CHM, new Web Update tool that can be used to add books from the book sites, Google Images integration that allows you quickly update book covers, author pics and other images in the e-Library

2009 Alfa Ebooks Manager 0.7.5 optimizes PDF book management

The new version of Alfa Ebooks Manager - v.0.7.5 has arrived. Unlin now Alfa Ebooks Manager used Adobe Acrobat Pro to render PDF ebooks, so that you could view them in 3D space. But as this software is quite expensive and some users can't afford it, the developers decided to provide another option - GhostScript. It's a free interpreter for PDF files. Besides, no you can import and export books between your Google Library and Alfa Ebooks Manager. To import the book list from Google Books save it as XML file on your computer. And the most impressive new feature is Virtual 3D-Wall View that turms your e-Library into interactive wall of books. The best way to understand what is it - is to give it a try.

When scanning ebook files on your computer, Alfa Ebooks Manager tries to retrieve ebook ISBN from the file body. Of course, there is no standard, that defines exact ISBN position in the ebook file. That is why sometimes ISBN can be corrupted. Now you have an option to check if the given ISBN is valid using isbndb.com

2009 Alfa Ebooks Manager adds 3D-book models, not free any more

Yesterday the new version of Alfa Ebooks Manager - 0.7 was released. And it's not free anymore, but it's really a greate improvement over the previous version. The software interface is totally redesigned, so you could impress your friends when showing them your e-Library. You can select the e-Library layout and color scheme that better fits your style. The most outstanding new feature is 3D book view. It's like a real book on your computer screen. It has realistic size, back and front covers. You can rotate it in 3D space, open it and to turn over the pages. The content for these pages is either downloaded from Google Books and Amazon (these two sites provide the rendered book previews) or rendered from the book PDF file with the help of Adobe Acrobat Professional. If you have a blog or a website, you can easily take the 3D book snapshot and post it online, so that your friends had a better image of the book that you recommend.

Alfa Ebooks Manager reviews
Rtaylor150 | 23.05.12 | #
It's no doubt the best ebook organizer on the market! Only lack file conversion tools like Calibre
Erynn | 21.06.12 | #
I've tried many similar programs and this is hands down the best book management software out there. It keeps all my e-library (about 8 thousand ebooks). Showed my friends and they where very pleased with it. Congratulations on bringing out this amazing software!
Rob Oakman | 29.10.12 | #
It's the super and easy to use Program
Bert | 18.10.13 | #
What a beautiful program!!!! Have been looking for such a long, long time. Meets all my needs. Will reccommed it to all my friends.
Darla | 24.10.13 | #
BRAVO I've tried many of the book cataloging programs and none at this point have compared to this software it is such a relief to so easily add books that I've read as I'm creating my library. I absolutely love this program it is the best I have found the flies yet anybody looking for something this is the one.
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